What is a good website for cheap yoga clothes?

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I’m looking for nice quality yoga clothing that wont cost me a arm and a leg. I’m just getting into yoga and am just trying to get an idea on how much this will cost me. So any other general websites on yoga would be nice. Thank you.

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Sara Bauer

Try Yoga Towel and Supplies – http://www.yogatowelandsupplies.com/


Lucy (www.lucy.com) has nice clothes although their non-sale prices are high. They’re always sending out good discount coupons via email, though, and have good clearance/sale prices.
Although it’s not online shopping, I’ve found great deals on yoga clothes at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and similar stores.


I would follow some of the suggestions above.. but I would highly recommend that if you do decide to continue doing yoga over the long term that you take the plunge and buy something of really good quality.. most yoga clothing carriers will have 2 lines of clothes, one for low impact (going out, the odd work out, etc) and high impact clothing (designed to withstand rigorous workouts over and over and the continual sweating in them).. often the 2 lines will be rather similiar in price, but the fabric they are made out of is different.. example is lulu lemon – Luon is the fabric that made them famous, but I have found people that stopped buying their clothing because they thought all lulu lemon would be so durable and lasting and they found that the inner thighs wore down quickly..
Otherwise use http://shopping.yahoo.com/ to do good comparison shopping.. I recommend doing a search with the terms ‘ yoga supplex ‘ supplex is a wonderful material and often you can find good deals

Barbie Prok

Yoga exercises is one of the best standard physical and mental disciplines, similar to Tai Chi. I practice both and I feel my thoughts and entire body better and much healthier.


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