What is a good thing for a energy boost?






I got up 4 hours ago and am ready for a nap, Is there some God I can pray to for more energy?


  1. the god of monster energy, I put a few 5 hour energies in a monster (cuz I couldnt stand the taste of the 5 hour things) I was really awake for a while but I did crash and hard I slept for like 12 – 20 hours( best sleep EVER!!!)

  2. I use quartz crystals for an energy boost, i hold them in my left hand. (it works for me, no guarantees for anyone else)
    On a less spiritual level, I would also reccomend coffee or apple juice.

  3. I pray to Jesus for the energy I need every day. It does help me. Also, if you eat healthy in the way it says to in the Old Testament, you will have more energy because you will be healthier.

  4. I have the same problem. Turns out I had a vitamin B deficiency and now I take supplements (which I previously didn’t believe did anything but give you expensive weewee) and I am awake all day.
    Coffee doesn’t work for me, just makes me shaky. I did drink 10 cups one day when I was doing an allnighter, I could type 750 words a minute but unfortunately couldn’t remember what the essay was supposed to be about.

  5. You’ve got a mocha in your hand, do you want to use it to wash down some vitamin Bs?
    Take advantage. If a nap sounds good, today is one of the few days you can sleep in the middle of the day.

  6. I do lots & lots of coffee. To the point of headache sometimes. If your needs are short term, sugar. If your needs are longer, sugar with protein, like pb&J or an Oh Henry bar.
    Also, sometimes getting the blood pumping. It may sound lame, but some cardio works good too.

  7. I’ve been pulling a lot of graveyard shifts lately. By 5 AM, I take one of those little bottles of 5 Hour Energy. Just don’t drink coffee on top of it! I was sceptical about those ads – but it really does work!
    There loaded with B vitamins and don’t jolt your system and you don’t crash later.
    They are about $3 and change at 7-11 and well worth the price!

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