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What is a good tarot deck to buy?

Any suggestions on a good one.


  1. I agree with answers 1 and 2.
    In learning tarot, I would say the Rider Waite (or Universal Waite – same thing with just softer colors) deck is one of the best to learn with.
    I still utilize my Waite deck that I learned on, but have since been drawn to the Sacred Circle deck.
    This free online tarot course is based on the Rider Waite deck.
    Once you have the basics down and some experience, I feel it’s easier to learn the other decks that may have some differences in symbolism on the cards. And ultimately, you would want to pick a deck for yourself that speaks to you.

  2. Most tarot decks are based off of the “rider waite” deck. So it’s usually easiest to find a deck based off of that system, because you can get readings for your cards from any website or book.
    However, I always recommend that you go to the bookstore (Barnes & Noble carries them) and take a look at the selection, and see which deck calls out to you the most.

  3. Sacred Circle was my first deck, so I am very partial to it, maybe because of my own Celtic heritage.
    You need to look at lots of decks and see what calls to you.
    I am fortunate in having married a man who owned 70 decks. The funny thing is most of the ones he bought and couldn’t use were exactly the ones for me.
    I particularly like the Zen Osho deck. You can go to http://www.osho.com and try it out.


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