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What is a good Oracle deck to begin with i feel like Tarot cards are to advanced and dangerous for me.?

I have a Rider Waite Tarot deck but i feel its to much to temper with for my first deck i got advice to get a Oracle deck but i don’t know which one to start out with please help and thank you in advance
blessed be!


  1. You know what you should do with those cards? Throw them out! Those are demonic and you get your “advice” from the devil

  2. Personally, I feel the RW Deck is excellent for beginners and I can’t see how they would be too advanced and dangerous. There are also lots of Tarot deck with themes such as fairies, angels and all sorts of other similar ideas.
    The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck is a sort of bridge between the two and worth looking at.
    Have a look here for a good selection of pictures
    Hope this helps.

  3. Hello Juan
    Tarot card & Oracle cards work in the same way, via your subconscious – & neither are dangerous.

  4. A RWS deck is the first choice for a beginner . But if you feel drawn to another deck , feel free to use it . It depends on you !

  5. Tarot cards are not dangerous. The traditional symbolism of Tarot cards is obviously derived from Christianity.The cards were originally intended to be used for a card game similar to Bridge. People today, especially in continental Europe play actual card games with Tarot cards. There is nothing genuinely occult related about Tarot cards.


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