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What is a good new age way to cleanse an object of negative energy?

I had to loan something of mine to a colleague who actively sabotages me and who is also just kind of creepy and puts off a weird, greedy, dishonest vibe. Is there a way to clean that person’s negative vibe off of my item (assuming I ever get it back)?


  1. There is NO SUCH THING as actual negative energy that has a bad effect on anything.
    Negative energy ONLY MEANS energy below the arbitrary datum state amount at which we arbitrarily define energy to equal zero for mathematical convenience.
    Also, the “vibes” of something are NOT energy.
    Energy is the “money” of the physical world, and is an entity which needs to be converted among forms and exchanged in order for events of interest to occur.

  2. You can’t cleanse it.
    Not only you can’t remove the negative energy, but it will grow and contaminate everything it comes in contact with, either physically or spiritually.
    You touched it, right? You thought about your item, right?
    Tell me you didn’t and then typed this?
    Oh my gosh, and I am reading this!!!

  3. What is actually going on here is your weakness. When you get the object back, you will see the object and remember that this person whom you dislike/distrust has held it and that will bother you. He didn’t change the object; you changed your perception of the object. The second tragedy is that you’ll have plenty of people ready to take advantage of your weakness, for a price. They get money, you get the object “cleansed,” but you’re still weak. Better would be to rid YOURSELF of the negative energy you expend in disliking this person. “Creepy” and “weird vibe” notwithstanding, you merely don’t feel comfortable with the person: so what? Your job as a human on this planet is not to be comfortable but to minister to other humans, especially the ones who make you uncomfortable.

  4. Everything is energy.
    Our reality is energy which is transformed by the brain into what we see and hear, touch and feel. The brain creates reality. We only pick up a fraction of the amount of the energy and information that is out ’there.’
    Psychometry has been tested and researched. Some sensitive people can sense or feel the energy in objects. I have been sensitive to this phenomena for many years. I can obtain a significant amount of information from an object. I can also feel emotions. It must be something to do with physics.
    I suppose if you are positive and balanced in your life you can remove negative feelings by just holding the object yourself. If you are not sensitive it doesn’t’t really matter.
    Many people can feel negative energy around other people. They sense their vibrations.
    I am not into New Age just science and my personal experiences.
    There is a TV show called ‘Sensing Murder’ here in Australia where a very sensitive psychic, under strict supervision and working with police, can obtain significant information from objects. She can obtain copious information from a photo handed to her which is laid face down. It is remarkable. It deals with actual unsolved murders and is very professionally run. Information is given to police.


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