What is a good meditation technique for wound healing?

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I have a cut in my leg and I want it to heal as well as it can as I know it’s going to scar. Any tips?

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focus your chi energy by relaxing and knowing how to channel it….only you can figure this channeling…. release all thoughts and dont allow a single thought to process while relaxing and channeling it.


I have heard that Qigong works, as does Healing Touch. I’ve had both treatments for other problems and have found them to be effective. In the meantime, unless you’re an experienced meditator or know how to direct Qi for healing, vitamin E helps in healing wounds.


Keep it clean and eat healthy food.
Meditation won’t have any effect on tissue healing.


If you want to avoid a scar, see a doctor for a few stitches. To promote healing, eat a pure vegetarian diet with leafy greens, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and some fruits. Avoid commercially prepared foods, eggs, dairy, and all animal flesh. Meditation focused on body will help heal, but the leafy green vegetables are essential.


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