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What is a good meditation cushion to get for zen meditation?

I am 5’8 and weigh 180 pounds. I am looking to purchase a meditation cushion that will support my weight and elevate my lower-end above the floor. Right now I am sitting on a couple cotton pillows that are too weak and it feels like I’m sitting on the floor which isn’t good for my spine. I don’t want anymore homemade substitutes. What is a good brand and type to get?


  1. Zen meditation is not on sit; 4 altitudes are in Zen. Sit is the better way of Zen. Beginner; 2 pillow of 2″ pillow is the much. Later on 1 2″ pillow is good enough. The knees and the bottom cushion are totally 3 support points touch the ground easily to be stable. Execite before your sit. Count breaths, hearing blood cycle, feeling , are the way of concentration.
    Sit down quietly and watching the mind come up and gone, don’t follow until there are no more mind come up again. It is just the beginning. Your feeling no more mind, is also a mind don’t forget.

  2. I’m 5’7 and weigh 165 pounds. I have a cushion (zafu) from the New Orleans Zen Temple. It’s a simple and well made zafu.
    I suggest that you get a zafu right away. I’ve done the pillow thing and it was always a distraction. Get yourself a real zafu.
    http://www.nozt.org/nozt.shtml Go to the Supplies page and scroll down to choose the medium size zafu.
    PS-the zafu is stuffed with feathers. It is very important to fluff up your zafu after each use. The zafu will flatten out if it’s not fluffed up. You can fluff it up by patting it firmly in between your hands, or holding it above the floor (about 12 inches) and letting it drop several times, so that it isn’t flat anymore.
    Another PS-There is great instructions on how to do zazen on the New Orleans Zen Temples website. It might be worth your while to click around.


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