Home Discussion Forum What is a good guide to reading tarot cards?

What is a good guide to reading tarot cards?

I need something simple alot of the books seem very confusing.


  1. Joan Bunning’s “Learning the Tarot”. It’s simple, it’s easy to understand. It’s laid out in lessons, so it’s basically a beginner’s course in Tarot reading. I used it, and I’ve had very good success.

  2. I’m using Tarot Made EAsy by Nancy Garen, I’ve got 4 books actually but nancy Green is my favorite as she combined christianity and paganism in it and works fine with my clients. She gives specific answers to most of the pressing questions I am receiving.

  3. Tarot is a pictorial language of symbols. These are used to evoke certain subconscious responses.
    The best way is to learn what the symbols and the numbers mean.
    You can use books with given definitions, but these are someone else’s interpretation. It also doesn’t allow for correspondence to the other cards in the spread.
    Remember, symbolism has been used in art work for thousands of years. It is there to convey a message and tell a story to the viewer. Form your own opinion as if you would reading a book.


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