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What is a good, guaranteed spell that will clear negative energy?

Family members in my house have really been at each other’s throats lately and it seems that there is some much negative energy surrounding us. I want some peace, harmony, love, commitment and especially faithfulness for us all that are living under the same roof.


  1. I dunno. Since spells don’t really work I don’t think you’ll find a guarantee. Maybe if you were more loving, sympathetic and understanding the problems would vanish.

  2. so what are you a witch or something?. I don’t think any spell will help out your family maybe a nice sit down at the table to discuss there problems.

    There are no mythological super magic words you can say to resolve your conflict.
    Tell the adults in your life to start acting their age.

  4. Well, my only advice is, make SURE you burn white candles and white candles only! They promote peace… every other color has some sort of dramatic, passionate aftermath.

  5. It all comes down to you. Your family is so upset that they are even related to a weirdo retard like you. Just leave and everything will get better.

  6. Take your family to church. Make a big dinner and invite them. Bring movies and games. Have a picnic bring the family together stay in touch. pray for them. have a family meeting. My family is the same and none of us seem to get along just use my advice.

  7. well it sounds tough as everyone is diffrent but if you cant change them then you should make yourself happyer, pamper yourself and maybe get some of your family members to join in aswell, its just about making yourself and otheres feel good then they will feel more relaxed and maybe more chilled out.

  8. Try a healthy dose of outdoor family activity. Go hiking, or swimming, or just spend some time in a park.
    Exercise can do wonders for the temper.
    More importantly though, maybe you should just call a family meeting and address whatever is bothering everyone.
    There are no spells for this. You will have to exert actual effort to bring peace to your home instead of looking for a lazy quick fix.

  9. Spells and prayer are pretty much useless, make sure everyone gets enough sleep, all do a fair share of work around the house and may be spend less time together if you can.

  10. White candles, clear or milky quartz and amethyst would all help. Although make sure you have exhaused all non-magickal routes before trying a spell in any situation.

  11. have you tried smudging the home of negative energy? thats what i would do. smoke from the sage smudge sticks will attach itself to the negative energy in the home and carry it away.

  12. WELL i dont know about spellsas such I am sure you will find something on the net, I also dont beleive in spells, however what you could try, and does really work is feng shui. Tne acient chinese practice which invovles creating a balance between yin and yang. If you have too much yang you have alot of fighting/negative karma.
    Feng Shui for Home is one of the most efficient therapies ever – you work on the house, but what you are actually doing is healing your own life – your past hurt, pain, sorrow, blockages, whatever it is that you have accumulated over the years; and are now creating a fresh new feng shui space to happily manifest your dreams.
    So to balance it out, you would clean your home, as you normally would but like a spring clean, open all doors and windows, vaccum, sweep wash all negative energies out. Get a bell, or clap your hand around the home to get the energy moving around and balance it self out buy blowing hard short burst of air (effectivlt blowing away ned karma. IT REALLY WORKS!!
    Have Good Quality Air and Good Quality Light
    Define the Ba-Gua, or the feng shui energy map of your home, by using the feng shui compass. You will find out which areas of your home are connected to specific areas of your life by defining your Ba-Gua. For example, Southeast feng shui area of your home is connected to the flow of wealth & money energy in your life.
    Study the Five Elements Feng Shui Theory . Fire, wood, earth metal, air. Now you need a compass. Activate the element you want more of. So in your case go to:
    It tells you what chinese star sign you are. As long as you know, you can activate it. eg I am a fire, star sign snake. So I always read up on it, learn about it, etc.
    SO as you can see it is involved, if I were you I would start real simple, just clear out your home, keep it clean and tidy, always smile, ignore negative comments, promote positive behaviour.
    Then I would activate the following:
    I hope this isnt too much at once. But I can tell you this is ten times better than a spell. Its practical and logical, and you will notice that happy families do these things without realising its also feng shui!
    Good luck, and just believe!

  13. organite crystals are said to have a marked effect on the growth of plants through extraction of negative energies.

  14. I don’t know any spells, though I do know a few herbal remedies.
    Take white sage, light it aflame, and then blow it out. Go to each corner of every room, and blow the smoke from bottom to top, to help clear bad energy. You can either think or speak aloud, saying whatever feels natural that tells negative energy it is not welcome.
    (Be warned sage smells badly when burned.)
    You can also light incense or scented candles/oils which are great to help relieve stress. Lavender especially is a wonderful aromatherapy treatment that can help lower stress and in turn lowers tempers.
    Here are some links to sites that have the meanings/purpose of herbs. You can make potpourri pots/satchels (airy cloth that are able to breathe to release the scent, and ribbon to tie it up. You can also use small bowls/jars for holders), and placing it around the house can help.
    Most of these sites speak about protection, but the herbs placed together with the intent/will of a person to soothe and aid can also have a very positive effect.
    I hope this helps.
    Good luck!


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