Home Discussion Forum what is a good, good luck charm?

what is a good, good luck charm?

i will tell you what worked for me
citrine it is supposed to bring good luck and money lol. it really works i was cleaning my room in the Morning and found it on the ground and though wtf is it doing there it was in my draws last time i saw it. well any way later that day i won i Competition/raffle on the radio and $2000 worth of bunnings vouchers. true story honsets! kool hey
what has brought good luck for you or that you know brings goodluck


  1. I currently do not have a lucky item I carry for such perposes but do use other items to draw things (such as money) to me. Citrine is used to draw money to you, for prosperity. Aventurine, Jade and many others do that. I have them set around the home in appropriate places and/or carry them with me. Like Kilroy says, these gifts have been given to us BY GOD/DESS and we use them to get what we need.
    That is for those of us who believe in a supreme being. Those that don’t may still believe that plants and stones vibrate to certain energy and they need only test it out for themselves to decide.
    Shadow Storm

  2. You make your own luck. the power of the mind is very strong. a positive mind set does wonders. i don’t know of any good luck charms for me, but i do know of some schlepprocks, bad luck charms, they seem to be all over the place. lol


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