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What is a good film that specifically deals with issues of the human consciousness and/or A.I.?

Without involving robots, or at least portraying the artificial intelligence in a human-like form?
For those who don’t know, A.I. stands for artificial intelligence.
All I can think of so far is Blade Runner.


  1. Of course there is the wildly popular Matrix series, which, in my opinion, was a great screenplay with a terrible cast.
    As far as human consciousness, there is “Abre Los Ojos”, or the American version with Tom Cruise, called “Vanilla Sky”.
    I think if you are looking for something in specific, you aught to check into Waking Life by Richard Linklater. Many opinions on consciousness, philosophy, technology, etc. from world renown experts in their field, and presented in a visually stimulating way through Linklater’s post-film animation process. A truly great film.

  2. “A.I.” the movie
    “i robot” they are robots but they in human type form
    “Electric dreams” “war games” “2001 space odyssey”
    u did say or Ai
    what about
    “what dreams may come” like after death sort of thing going on there though

  3. if you want something they used actual govt consultants to make (i.e. CIA, FBI), see Eagle Eye. Gives you a bit of a disturbing view into what our govt can do and what A.I could potentially do to this countries national security.


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