Home Discussion Forum What is a good deck of tarot cards for beginners?

What is a good deck of tarot cards for beginners?

I am giving it as a gift to a friend and I am clueless as to
which tarot deck for beginners would be good. Preferably around $25


  1. As far as I’m concerned, they are all the same, just different pictures, this doesn’t affect how they are used.
    I would recommend you go with their stance, like if they are Pagan, find a Pagan deck, if they are an Occultist, I would recommend and Aleister Crowley deck!
    Edit: Ich Hab- Ah, his Thoth deck, I was looking at those yesterday morning:
    Edit 2: John S- That is what I said, and I got thumbed down! What an ignoramus!
    Edit 3: I just noticed, not only does it have the four Alchemical symbols for the four elements, above fire and water, it has the Alchemical symbol for the planet Jupiter (looks like a 4, with a 2 forged into the left tine of the 4) on the front cover!

  2. There are many different images in the tarot. I use the Aquarian Tarot, but look for the deck which you think fits your friend. Use your intuition.

  3. Look at it as a gift to the person not a beginner as sets are not really defined as beginner or advanced, and they will probably work better with a set that reflects them rather than one that looks more simplistic, go have a look see what are in the store and when a set jumps out and you think ‘that is so her/him’ get them. If all else fails go with the rider waite they are a classic.

  4. I always tell people to pick out a deck they are drawn to but since this is a gift you can go about this a few different ways.
    The Rider-Waite Deck is the most standard deck and is good for beginners. You could also choose a deck that looks like that person would like. OR you could look for decks that come in a set. A set will be the deck with a book – this is good for beginners because the book usually goes into deeper meanings and more instructions rather than just the little booklet that comes with most decks. Sets are usually around the $25 and most decks are under that price.

  5. I will buy the set with the book. It really depend what style of art your friend like. I think Rider Waite deck is very good for beginners. That was my first deck.


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