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What is a good book to learn tai chi from without going to classes?

I want to learn tai chi, but don’t want to take classes because I’m not healthy enough to go to the classes.


  1. try to buy a dvd instead with narrative and real action, better than reading a book only. go to amazon.com to seach

  2. i agree w/ the other user,
    a book is not good enough for demonstration. Try to get a dvd or video tape from a certified tai chi master.
    Besides the physical movements of taichi, there’s also underlying mechanism why it works. you should get a good material that teaches you the underlying concepts until you can gain health benefits from it.
    Wish you well.

  3. If you are not healthy enough to attend classes then what you should be looking for is medical advice.
    Tai chi cannot be learned from a book or a dvd (vhs too for you wisearses). You need a teacher to correct you.
    If you have mobility problems and need some form of healthy aerobic excercise to do then I suggest you look into that.
    Obviously you are not looking into tai chi to learn how to use it to fight (real tai chi) which is extremely rare anyway. However I think you should look into alternative strategies with your health care provider that would involve ways to get you more healthy to attend classes or get you more mobile.

  4. Books and DVDs are good to better your training and to advance quicker. But a class is the most beneficial way to learn. You will be with a Professional that knows what they are doing and correct your posture and the proper way to hold the stance. You can put yourself in more pain if things are not done in a propper manner and without the supevision of a proffesional.

  5. there are many it would be in the best intrest to find a teacher cause you can only so much you can learn from a book. it depend to on what your reason is to train in tai chi cause it can be use for combat or health
    good luck with your training


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