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What is a good book for the history of witchcraft?

I want to know more information about witchcraft and the history of it. I have already read books such as Teen Book Of Shadows and Teen Witch, but now I want to know the history of witchcraft, like how it began, and events that have taken place when witchcraft began. So please give me some recommendations of books. Thanks!


  1. Hello,
    One of the best I ever read which covers all topics is called:
    The Encyclopedia Of Wichcraft And Demonology By RH Robbins (1959) available at amazon.
    It covers everything from the Salem witch trials through to herbs, potions the sabbat and the Beast Of Gevaudan.
    Michael Kelly

  2. Read the Bible,and it will give you several ideas, on what you are looking for.
    It may take you awhile,but-take notes and write down the parts,helpful to you.
    Several good ideas on how to make things happen.

  3. The one I got the most from is Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler (who reports for NPR, so no slouch). Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Umm…………..i don’t know if you really would care for this book, but it’s about the Salem Witch Trials. I’m forgetting the name right now (It might be called ‘A break with charity’) but it’s by Ann Rinaldi. It’ll Probably be really easy to read!

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