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What is a good beginners yoga video to use?

I’ve been exercising regularly for 3 years now but recently I hurt my hamstring and realize I need better stretching techniques.
I have never been into YOGA but am thinking that it’s time…
What is a great beginners yoga video?


  1. Denise Austins’ Fat Blasting Yoga. I do it 3-6 times a week and I love it! It’s almost adicting! Plus you’ll lose about 12 pounds in the first 3 weeks of doing it regularly.

  2. I highly recommend doing Patricia Walden’s “Yoga for Beginners” dvd, which is distributed by Gaiam. Patricia Walden teaches in the Iyengar tradition, which means she uses props such as chairs to help an inflexible person come into the pose with more ease.
    She also uses straps for those who have limited hamstring flexibility as this is a gentler way of coming into forward bends.
    She has two dvd’s for “Yoga for Beginners”, available online or in most alternative/health stores.

  3. I really like Yoga Zone’s dvd’s. The link below shows a search on ‘yoga zone’ from amazon.com. They have beginner as well as higher levels, and all different types. They tend to explain poses for beginners, as well as the more challenging version for those at an intermediate level. I liked their ‘Yoga for a Strong and Healthy Back’. It’s very mellow, and explains the poses in detail.
    I also have the ‘Flexibility and Stress Release’, which may be helpful for your situation. I really enjoyed it.
    Enjoy, and Namaste! 🙂


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