What is a good at home meditation practice I can do together with my boyfriend? Something like artists way?





I have been learning a lot about meditation and sending love and light from a friend on an extended trip. When I get home it will be from a 3 month separation from my boyfriend and I want to have a new beginning where we could do an active or activity based meditation program together. Suggestions?


  1. Meditation
    ?Merely closing of physical eyes is not meditation.
    It is upon opening of the Divine Eye that the process of Meditation begins?
    Meditation is neither practicing certain yogic or breathing exercises, nor is it imagination and contemplation by mere closing of eyes, nor does it mean to gaze at some external object, or deep analysis through our limited intellects.
    According to the authentic scriptures,
    Meditation = Target + Observer
    We are the Observer, with our ever hovering mind. We need such a stand point, where mind sticks to procure eternal peace and happiness.
    God is that eternal, never changing Target where mind rests in peace.
    Thus, it is a process of union of the Observer with the Target.
    When an aspirant is initiated into divine knowledge by the Perfect Master, his Third Eye (the subtle power center situated on the forehead between the eyebrows) opens and he sees the wonderful Divine Light inside. Thus begins the process of Meditation. First revelation, then meditation ? that is the process. Hence,
    -Meditation is a one-to-one connection with the Supreme Consciousness, the source of positive energy, leading to the making of a vibrant ethical personality.
    -A vibrant ethical personality, in turn, serves as a concrete building-block for the making of a healthy society.
    In accordance with the above technique and objectives, Sansthan holds various meditation sessions and camps from time to time.
    Come? & take a dip into the placid lake of Divine Knowledge . You will love to be ever-immersed in its blissful waters, while, simultaneously, keeping pace with duties and obligations towards the world.
    Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji

  2. metta/loving kindness meditation
    first link is booklet
    second is video(poor sound quality first 30sec) intro to metta
    much longer metta videos if this is the path you want to follow.
    i’ve studied most meditation practices and practiced several for long periods of time. this is one of my favorites.
    or third link might be the most appealing to you and your boyfriend.
    you decide. they all go together anyway.

  3. There is no such thing as artistic meditation. Meditation is about staying in the moment. At the most probable, you could try meditating with him both holding hands seated in meditation posture. Then visualize the flowing of energy (chi) movement through your bodies. It should be beneficial and calming.

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