Home Discussion Forum what is a 'free spirit' and 'pink aura'????????????

what is a 'free spirit' and 'pink aura'????????????

i was at my friends 21st birthday when i met this lovely lady who was spiritually aware. she knew so much about my cousin, friends and I that it wasnt a coincidence. she read my cousin better than i could and when she was reading me.. she said she could see a bright prink aura around me and that i was a free spirit. she didnt get time to explain what this meant? what is a free spirit and pink aura??


  1. Hmmm, a pink aura, if I recall correctly, indicates a perfect balance between the material and the spiritual. A pink aura can also indicate kindness, love, and empathy.
    A free spirit is one that resists conformity/ will not be tamed. Free spirits are people who are deeply in-tune with themselves and resist outside efforts to change them into something they are not. They may be dreamers or rovers. While able to roam freely and follow their dreams they are happy, yet they also often enjoy the companionship of others like them.
    Good luck!


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