what is a cult and what is the occult is there a difference?

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occult means ‘hidden’
The literal and traditional meanings of the word cult is derived from the Latin cultus, meaning “care” or “adoration”,


cult is to the KKK and occult is to Voodoo




islam is a cult, nazis followed the occult

Runs with Scissors

It is often said that the term cult and the occult are two sides of the same coin.
It is true that there are common aspects of both terms and often some blurring occurs; cults frequently practice aspects of the occult and occult groups are (in a larger aspect of the word) themselves cults.
Most often when using the term cult, referring to groups that claim to be Christian or compatible with Christianity, but when their theology and practices are examined, they are found to be contrary to the essential doctrines of the Christian faith.
Frequently cults will exploit their followers through the abuse of religious authority, forms of mind control, or psychological abuse, often in the name of Christ.
Occult organizations, however, seldom claim to be Christian churches. Occult practices are less frequently billed as compatible with Christianity (although there are exceptions).
The term “occult” is derived from the latin word occultus which means to cover up, to hide, or those things which are hidden or secret. When used in this paper the word “occult” means any attempt to gain supernatural knowledge or power apart from the God of the Bible.
Although occultism is widespread and eclectic, with many groups advocating principles or positions in opposition to others, there are basically three types of occultism.
Psychic Discernment Groups
These practitioners attempt to supernaturally gain hidden knowledge (often about the future) through psychic “readings” or by the use of various props.
These include Astrology (which uses the stars as props), fortune telling (using palms, tea leaves, crystal balls, Tarot cards, etc.), and various quasi-medical “readings” involving the iris of the eye (Iridology), or the bottoms of feet (Reflexology).
A second class of occultists are neo-pagans. These occult groups represent a revival of the more accent forms of worship involving the belief in animism (living spirits in inanimate objects and plants) and the worship of self, earth, or an all encompassing “Mother Goddess.”
Practices and organizations include WICCA, witchcraft, magic, and shamanism (primitive witch doctors or Native American spiritism).
Most neo-Pagan groups do not claim to worship or even believe in Satan, a fact often surprising to outsiders.
A final category of occult activity is known as spiritism, which is defined as an attempt to contact or communicate with a spirit entity or deceased person (called necromancy).
This classification includes trance-mediums, New Age channeling, Edgar Cayce, seances, and Ouija (a board “game” by Parker Brothers that is described by Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experiences as, “Used for divination and by some as a means to contact spirits or entities”).
This form of occultism would also include Satanic groups that believe Satan is a real entity and who attempt to gain supernatural power by contacting, worshipping, or appeasing Satan and/or his demons.

Susan S

A cult is a group or a system of religous worship. Occult, is an adjective or noun meaning “hidden” or “secret.”


A cult, is a group of individuals proffessing to follow an established religion or faith, often Christianity, but not exclusuvely so. They have however distorted th original beliefs of the faith concerned, and manipulated them usually to the benefit, often financially, of the group leader. Leaders control the lives of their followers in a very rigid way, allowing no freedom of individual thought or activity.
Th Occult, is generlly the participants dabbling in such things as the supernatural, and often devil worship. This is usually to gain self gratification, financial, sexual etc. Again their lives are often bound up by the group in which they are involved.
In either case it is quite possible that the “followers” are unaware of the extent of the control excercised over them by the leaders, and may well find it very hard to break away from the group.
hopr this helps


A Cult is a collection of people who form for Religous purposes or to form a new religion. The occult is a study of the paranormal eg witchcraft Black magic etc or the practice of such things.


a cult is a small religious organisation yet to be recognised by the larger religious organisations the occult is a set of systems of hidden information and power, by that statement one could say that much of politics is occult, indeed alot of what is now seen as being occult was actually created by anciant scientistsand was infact the science of its day the famous greek philosopher/ mathematician pythagorious allso invented numeroligy.


not much it’s bad as one another


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