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What is a crop-circle ? Who makes them and for what purpose ?

Now and then, we see photos of wierd formations of crop circes. What are they ? Who makes them and how ? What purpose do they serve ?


  1. Crop circles are made by (for a lack of a better term) vandals. They do it to stir up controversy and get conspiracy theorists to decide it was done by aliens. They’re fake for publicity.

  2. Their idiot trappers. A bunch of collage kids with a truck and scythes went to a field and made them for fun. Their purpose is to make idiots like you waste time asking about it, not to mention get a chance to snicker at our stupidity.

  3. A crop circle is- weird symbols made in (corn) crops, from an unkown source. It is said crop circles can be man made, but the idea came from ufo’s making these strange symbols. Noone is quite sure why these crop circles are being made, but people have many theories. One of the most common theories of these crop circles are that they are trying to tell the human race something. My theory of crop circles is that it’s landmarks for their ufo beings.

  4. im not sure, but they do have a theory of how to tell “real” from fake. im sure you can find this online explaining it better, but they actually discovered that “real” crop circles make music. they somehow turn the mathematics of them and turn them in music notes. its so creepy, and it actually sounds like music you’d here in a sci-fi movie
    “circle patterns embodied geometric theorems that expressed specific relationships among the areas of the various circles, triangles, and other shapes. These patterns displayed “exact numerical relationships” (i.e., diatonic ratios) similar to those found in a scale of musical notes.”

  5. crop-circle are made by intelligent beings called humans.. we make them bec were bored from farming then if money is not that good we create stories about aliens so people will flock and make the area famous..

  6. This is the indication of spiritual realm…that the inner conciousness is reaching it’s peak point before the new dawn takes place (man ascends towards the God). Whetre the synthesis of spiritualism takes place once again as similar to protein synthesis from which many bi products are formed. This penomena can only be understand when one reaches the supreme level and the final chakra is open or in other words enligtnment. For more to understand about crop circles log on to
    “Resurrection of Tutankhamun”


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