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What is a Chakra? How is it different from your aura?

So my CHAKRA is what has been hurting..not my aura!!???When someone puts their arms around me and holds me..it goes away and sometimes even feels great all around me for a long time. I know it has something to do with energy or a “force” around me. It’s NOT in my head!!lol My head feels fine! Do you think that’s what it is?..my chakras?


  1. Aura is the light that you can see around a person body and mostly the head.
    Chakra is the energy that you can see if you have a person lay down flat and hold a metal chain approximately a thumb length over the heart. It should begin to swing in a counter clockwise motion. Hang it over the head and it does the same. If you place it over a part of the body that is sick, it will swing pendulum wise.

  2. A Chakra is an energy point in your body. We have quite a lot of them dependent on belief. Higher self Chakra located above your head White, grey and golden. mind Chakra indigo located at your forehead, Throat chakra blue below your nose to your collar bone junction. Heart chakra green extends out to your palms and above your solar plexus. Sola plexus yellow, belly orange, root chakra extends below the pubis and is red, brown and black…I have missed out quite a lot of info but that is the best i can do one handed typing.

  3. A chakra is almost like a preasure point. They are certain points in the body where your energy is strongest. An aura is the light or spirit around you that shows in humans what kind of person they are. Most peoples aura’s stick to tha same colors, just different shades, depending on their moods.

  4. A chakra is a point in the human energy field where energy collects.
    An aura is a multi coloured subtle field of radiation surrounding a living person as a cocoon or halo above the head. It is said to represent the vibrations of the soul or reflect the mood or thoughts of a person.


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