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What is a book of shadows?



  1. A personal collection of spells, incantations, rituals, etc. in a single book. Doesn’t have to be anything pretty; a spiral notebook can be your book of shadows if you so chose.

  2. A Book of Shadows (aka Grimoire) is nothing special. As previously pointed out, you can create your own and do not need to buy anything special (especially from Salem). In fact, my Grimoire (which had expanded to several volumes), is now being converted into electronic format so that I can store and search for items easily on my computer.
    What you put in your Book of Shadows is entirely up to you. Yes… you can keep spells or incantations you have used. Or potions, meditations, lists of different incense or oils you have used – basically, anything you want to, you can write in your Book of Shadows. Mine contains such things as flower essences, planting times, rituals, as well as pictures (for reference). I even have cross-references to other books that contain information.
    I suppose the easiest explanation is that a Book of Shadows is a personalised encyclopedia – a journal of information.
    In lakech

  3. It is a book, a collection of whatever writing or records you want.
    It might have your religious information about your tradition, Gods, inspirational poetry, a dream journal, sketches or clippings, recipes for incense, information on different tarot cards or astrology signs, your favorite holiday feast recipes… anything you want.

  4. A Book of Shadows is a spellbook and magical and spiritual diary used by Wiccans. The founder of Wicca, Gerald Gardner, coined the term “Book of Shadows” from something he read by an Indian novelist. “Witches” and practitioners of Folk Craft did keep spell books, though, that they passed on to apprentices or relatives.
    The equivalent of the Craft spell book is a “grimoire,” which is a book of rituals and spells used by ceremonial magicians or sorcerers. Ceremonial magick is more spiritual and ritualistic and is considered High Magick. Witchcraft and sorcery is more practical and considered “Low Magick.”

  5. a Grimore/ a book full of you very own rituals that you have performed and you can add your medtiations to it, but I personally keep a seperate book for meditations

  6. Think BOS has been covered….nothing new I can add other than a BOS does NOT need or HAVE to look any certain way or must have 100 spells. Oh yeah for those who don’t know “Charmed” is a tv show
    Blessed Be
    Celtic Witch


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