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What is 气功 (Qigong) and is it a martial art?

I speak Mandarin so I know 气 (qi) means energy and 功 (gong) means activity. But is it a martial art? Or is it like 太极拳 (Tai Chi)?
Anybody know?


  1. No it’s not an really a martial art on its own but it’s a techinique practiced by the Chinese Shaolin monks. They use it to become impenetrable to sharp objects. Tai Chi is a martial art.

  2. “No it’s not an really a martial art on its own but it’s a techinique practiced by the Chinese Shaolin monks. They use it to become impenetrable to sharp objects. Tai Chi is a martial art.”
    ahhh no. HARD qigong is what they use to become impenetrable… and its not impenetrable… but anyways going on. qi gong is simply working hard, exercising, learning to channel your qi.

  3. Qigong is practiced for health maintenance purposes, as a therapeutic intervention, as a medical profession, a spiritual path and/or component of Chinese internal martial arts. Energy (qi) flow is the founding principle of acupuncture.
    The main Qigong teacher at my school is a psychologist at the Local VA Center. She uses Qigong regularly as a therapeutic instrument in her professional practice.
    The martial applications are all related to working with, focusing and directing the qi (internal energy.) The most famous martial applications are the animal forms. The martial applications are often viewed as a “side benefit.”
    Tai Chi is also an internal martial art.
    The martial applications of Tai Chi (supreme ultimate) are called Tai Chi Chuan (supreme ultimate fist.)

  4. Well…. Qigong is not a martial art by itself. It is an exercise used by some martial artists though.
    Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art, but has aspects of Qigong to it.
    Qigong usually involves standing in a particular posture and proper breathing to promote the circulation of Qi through the channels (meridians) of the body. In this way, it is more like Yoga than martial art.
    Beyond that, I’m afraid my knowledge is pretty limited on the subject.

  5. Your first character is incomplete. You are showing the “mist, vapor” part but It is missing the character for “rice”.
    The word Qi does not mean energy, it means “air, breath”.
    The idea of this character comes from cooking rice in a pot. When it is boiling, the vapor pushes up on the cover and builds energy. If the lid is light weight, it would be pushed off. This is why rice pot lids should have some weight to them.
    This is how Qi works for us, when we practice Qigong. The Qigong is movement that makes our breath build up energy that we can use to heal ourselves or to release from our bodies to heal others.
    In martial arts, this energy becomes a weapon and a defense against blunt trauma.
    It is not a martial art. It is a natural ability we all possess that when integrated into martial arts can make the effects of the art much more devastating.
    Tai Chi means Great Ultimate. It is not the same character. It is an Internal art, which means that it is a martial form of Qigong. Hsing I, Pakua, Liuhebafa, and White Crane are all examples of Internal Arts.

  6. not at all its not a martial art however it greatly compliments martial arts what it does is builds energy. I like to think of it as body building is to muscles as qigong is to energy. They usually have breathing exercises and meditations. It also enhances all of your senses the possibilities of qi gong are endless Im so lucky to have a genuine teacher. After decades of constant practice you will see and feel things you never thought to be possible its phenomenal . It changes everything about you

  7. its a fraud-
    its basically akin to the “use of the force” that a jedi does in star wars.
    there are teachers that say you can manipluate and steal otehrs “life energy” qi- with it and move and project it into objects or take it from objects.
    it is one of the biggest areas of bullshido involved in the martial arts.
    tai chi by comparison CAN be taught as a martial art- and its original intent was to be taught as a martial art (from waht i know, it has sword forms too).
    however- more often than not when you come across tai chi today you will see old people in the park practicing it for health or stretching applications not in a martial way.
    if you want to learn tai chi to fight- you will need to go through the painstaking process of finding a school that teaches it from a martial prespective (which means not going to your local senior center or “cultural” center- usually).
    even then many “combat oriented tai chi” schools are not necessarily teaching you properly, but logically it can in fact be used to fight-
    i’m not that versed in it but from playing with some people and learning a very little bit- i’ve added a lot to push pull throwing techniques with a few tai chi applications. i’m not going to speak on striking appplications or kicking applications for tai chi because i have not had significant experience with them myself.
    from what i know there are at least aspects of it that are of great value if they are trained realistically. (ie: not just standing there doing forms)


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