HomeDiscussion Forumwhat is the subliminal message in Lady Gaga's music video, "Telephone" ?

what is the subliminal message in Lady Gaga's music video, "Telephone" ?

I can’t figure it out.


  1. If you listen to the lyrics its about a guy calling and calling her when she is out either at the club or partying and its not that she doesnt like him its just that hes bugging and bothering her too much when he keeps calling and calling and the video is a response as to where it just pushes them to the edge and they snap

  2. As for the lyrics, every song on The Fame Monster represents a fear Lady Gaga has encountered with Fame. This song tells her fear of not being able to go out and just have a good time and not be bothered by constantly having her telephone ring.
    As for the Music Video, It is a continuation of Paparazzi. Lady Gaga is sent to jail after poisoning her boyfriend. I guess you could say some subliminal messages were that her “one eye” was covered showing the “all seeing eye”. I honestly think that satanic worshiping is a bunch of bullshit. She is making out with a girl in the courtyard, it was an all girls jailhouse.

  3. Lady Gaga’s message in the song “Telephone” has nothing to do with the surface message at all. IF you watch the videos there are many subliminal messages that emphasis on many conspiracies about the USA. For instance the scene where she and many cooks are preparing poisonous food for the guests at the diner related to the scandal the food industries are under for all the unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals put into our food (pesticides, chemicals, hormones, etc.). Another example would be in the scene where she and beyonce are dressed in attire resembling the american flag dancing over the dead bodies of the guests at the diner.


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