What interesting adventure games can u advice me?





Help me plz! I like adventure games very much but I don’t know what game to play! All the games I see in shops, i’ve already played:(
Can u advice me any interesting adventure?
I’ve played:
Syberia 1, 2
Sherlock Holmes: the awakened
Secret files Tunguska
Murder on the Orient Express
Myst 5
The longest journey
Dreamfall: the longest journey
Return to mysterious island
P.S. Did you play the broken sword 3,4? Did u like it?


  1. I play a lot of pc games, here are some good games:
    Prince of persia the sands of time
    prince of persia warrior within
    prince of persia the two thrones
    the elder scrolls 4: oblivion
    Spiderman 3 the movie
    If you would like something like first person shooter and some action in addition to adventures try
    Unreal Tournament 3
    But you need a new pc for those.
    There are also:
    Resident evil 4
    Rogue trooper
    I hope i helped 😀 believe me prince of persia is an awesome adventures serie, i’m sure you’ll like it!
    V voskreseniye poboltayem POKA!

  2. play FF7 (Final Fantasy 7) its in ps1 format, pc, and soon on psp get it if u can afford it it so good that it costs 50+ and it’ll soon be remade for ps3 and there has been a movie(DVD) and soon it’ll be on psp in march

  3. RuneScape is a very fun game, in which you can do a variety of things. (Ex: Quests) It may seem a tad dull at fist, but it is a very fun game! Good Luck!

  4. I own Syberia 1 and 2. They are absolutely fantastic. The graphics are gorgeous, and the puzzles are challenging but not impossible.
    Look for a game called “The Moment of Silence” That took me weeks and it’s a lot like Syberia in it’s interface =]

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