What influence did Aleister Crowley have on Anton LaVey (Writer of the Satanic Bible)?

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Any influence whatsoever? I’ve developed a huge interest with the history of Aleister Crowley, and I wanna know what impact he had on the modern Satanic religion.
haha, Aleister Crowley was very smart and accomplished more in his life than you can ever accomplish. I wouldn’t necessarily consider him an “emo faggot”… :/

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The Hydra

they had a huge influence

Silly Salamander

Anton LaVey couldn’t stand Thelemites, because they worshipped every word that came out of Crowley’s mouth, and he didn’t like the OTO magical system so he made up his own, which was more pragmatic and rational. LaVey felt that Crowley’s magical system, and other systems, like the Golden Dawn’s, which was the predecessor to Crowley’s, were too convoluted and confusing.
Any influence Aleister Crowley had on Anton LaVey was LaVey’s reaction against Crowley’s system.


Quite a lot of influence, I would say. But LaVey went a good bit further, at least in his talk, if not his actions. The real legacy of Aleister Crowley is the OTO. And that marvelous deck of Thoth Tarot.

Truth Train

What a bunch of losers, pretending to be witches and worshiping Satan. What were they, like 15 year olds? Crowley and LaVey were just emo faggoths.
He was a loser and an embarrasment to humanity. Just like you.


I would say the Book of the Law was the biggest influence. Essentially bringing about a “proof” of proper demonic — ahh nevermind, you have read it.
The Lodge books might have had something to do with it, but again, I opine it’s the Book of the Law that was the major influence. LaVey didn’t really get into the alchemy thing, as you know.


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