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What in Aleister Crowley's natal chart supports the claim that he is/was the "“The Wickedest Man In The World”?

His chart and a brief biography.
Is Mr. Crowley’s temperament/persona in keeping with that of a Libra Sun?
Cap girl, thank you. I’m good. I do stuff like that for a living. I have skillz.


  1. If he was the wickedest man in the world , how come I didnt know til now ? lol..
    Just brief checking, his Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra in the 3rd house , maybe that has something to do with the claim to be ” wicked ” ….Mercury/Hermes were a wicked god in many way. And the fact that the Sun is the most prominent in his chart , his 3rd house is really overshone and heated up and Sun/Mercury conjunction is part of the mystic triangular , trine to Saturn in Aquarius ( sorry I said Aries) , opposite the MC in Aries and sextile Uranus in Leo in the 1st ( with loose conjunction to rising also in Leo) , he is sure to make his thoughts and ideas known to the world . I am not surprised if he claimed more ” wicked ” than this ; )
    It is also interesting to see what transit he had just prior and on the day of his wicked announcement.

  2. dude, you better clear all your cookies and history….my computer crashed twice after my sis tried to research on him.

  3. I’m going to give this a try. I think he enjoyed being noted with that title and halfway think he encouraged it for the publicity. With Mercury in Scorpio and that Uranus in the 1st, he would like being thought outrageous, scary and eccentric. With Uranus in the 1st, he likely was those things, but the Mercury in Scorpio probably was flattered.
    Now looking at the chart, he has the Uranus in the 1st in exact opposition to Jupiter, with both forming squares to Pluto in the 10th. Neptune is also in the 10th, adding to the mystery and intrigue. He has Sun/Venus square Mars, suggesting to me that he had trouble keeping a satisfying love relationship for any length of time.
    I’d venture that a big part of the title came about from the Pluto in the 10th. I’ve seen that in the charts of a lot of politicians and celebrities who have had severe setbacks, yet they recovered. That aspect often produces extreme rises and falls in reputation and career, with the person ultimately learning to rise again and stay there. It’s interesting that they learn how to use bad press to the same advantage as good press. Two examples I can think of off the top of my head are Richard Nixon and Elizabeth Taylor.

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