Home Discussion Forum What important awards has the Dalai Lama won?

What important awards has the Dalai Lama won?

Just wondering for some school work. Thanks guys! xxx


  1. It is true he was given a Gonk in 1969 for keeping the Tibetan People in check but given his record He should have been given at least three Oscars and a Grammy by now As well as a five pointed star on Hollywood Boulevard He is a fraud Sold out six million Tibetan People and not worth a carrot

  2. The most famous award was of course the Nobel Peace Price twenty years ago, but beside that he has received an almost incredible number of awards, medals, honorary citizenships, honorary doctoral degrees and professorships. Here’s a list of just some of the most notable of them:
    Honorary citizenship of Paris on 7 June 2009
    German Media Prize Berlin on 10 February 2009
    Honorary citizenship of Italy in Venice on 10 February 2009
    Honorary citizenship of Rome on 10 February 2009
    Honorary Doctoral Degree from Jagiellonian University on 8 December 2008
    Honorary Degree from Lehigh University on 13 July 2008
    Honorary citizenship of Wrocław, voted 24 June 2008
    Honorary Doctoral Degree of Philosophy from London’s Metropolitan University on 21 May 2008
    Honorary citizenship of Paris, voted 21 April 2008, the same day as Hu Jia
    Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letter from the University of Washington in April 2008
    Inaugural Hofstra University Guru Nanak Interfaith Prize on 24 March 2008
    Honorary Doctorate in chemistry and pharmacy from University of Münster on 20 September 2007
    Honorary Doctorate from Southern Cross University on 8 June 2007
    Presidential Distinguished Professorship from Emory University in February 2007
    Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters conferred by the State University of New York at Buffalo in September 2006
    Honorary citizenship of Canada in 2006
    Honorary citizenship of Ukraine, during the anniversary of the Nobel Prize on 9 December 2006 in Mc Leod Ganj.
    United States Congressional Gold Medal on 27 September 2006
    Key to New York City from Mayor Bloomberg on 25 September 2005
    Honorary Doctoral Degree of Philosophy from University of Tartu, Estonia on 27 May 2005
    Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of British Columbia on 19 April, 2004
    Honorary Fellowship of Liverpool John Moores University 27 May 2004
    Jaime Brunet Prize for Human Rights on 9 October 2003
    International League for Human Rights Award on 19 September 2003
    Honorary Doctoral Degree from University of San Francisco on 5 September 2003
    Life Achievement Award from Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization on 24 November 1999
    Four Freedoms Award from the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute on 4 June 1994
    World Security Annual Peace Award from the Lawyers Alliance for New York on 27 April 1994
    Berkeley Medal from University of California, Berkeley, on 20 April 1994
    Peace and Unity Awards from the National Peace conference on 23 August 1991
    Earth Prize from the United Earth and U.N. Environmental Program on 5 June 1991
    Advancing Human Liberty from the Freedom House on 17 April 1991
    Le Prix de la Memoire from the Fondation Danielle Mitterrand on 4 December 1989
    Raoul Wallenberg Human Rights Award (or Raoul Wallenberg Congressional Human Rights Award) from the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on 21 July 1989
    Key to Los Angeles from Mayor Bradley in September 1979
    Key to San Francisco from Mayor Feinstein on 27 September 1979

  3. Oh gosh, he has won so many.
    Nobel Peace Prize in 1989.
    Congressional Medal of Honor from USA–Highest Award American Govt. can offer-under George W. Bush
    Voted by Time Magazine as the # 1 most influential person on planet.
    He and the Tibetan people are such victims per the brutal and savage invasion of Tibet by China (when China was under Mao)
    An ancient and peaceful country was raped to the extreme by the Chinese. What the Chinese did to Tibet is far, far, far worse than what Japan did in Nanking, China in WWII


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