What implications does sexual relations have on a person energetically or spiritually?





by Brian S:

Energy balancing, sexual healing

Answer by ramesh vishvas
if the energy is gained thru spirituality that better be utilised in the free service of the needy one’s not in sex.


  1. Yes the implications of sexual relation in a married couples are in their physics and their emotion or spirit.Their physics or bodies will be fresh and energetic.Their emotion or spirit will feel happy or satisfied.But if its technique is wrong or her spouse is weak,maybe she will have frustation and feel. unhappy.If you made sex without marriage you will feel unhappy because you will have sin..Making sex without force is a way for an evidence that both of you love each other.

  2. positive or negative impacts physically and emotionally can be goal related. The outcome is as individual as the partakers of that particular outlet of expression.

  3. its not sexual healing, it is intended for the married only, so if the single do it it is fornication and you transgress Gods law and are sinning and it will catch up with you and you will reap the world wind for being sexually un clean,
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  4. For me, thats overthinking it. Might have meaning for you though. Sounds yogic – talk to some Chakra Shaman.

  5. oh good,
    another opportunity for the holier-than-thou undersexed people of the world to tell all the rest of us about sex.

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