Home Discussion Forum What if you want to be a Hellenistic pagan but?

What if you want to be a Hellenistic pagan but?

You dont know which god/goddess to worship. None have pulled you in yet.. But you know that this makes sense to you?


  1. Research more Gods/Goddesses. Think of your favorite concepts, Like The moon or the sun, or cats even. You’ll be bound to find one. :]

  2. I have to agree with Bones’ answer… honor them all. That doesn’t mean hurry up and do every ritual you can find on them. But do your research and when you feel ready, honor them all. =)

  3. If you don’t feel connected to any one or two Deities, that could mean working with a Pantheon isn’t on your path. Could be you still have some learning and experiences to have. Or that your path lies on a larger view of what the Divine spirit is to be.
    Truth be told, not all Pagans honor a Pantheon set. Pagans who follow shamanistic paths see the Divine a bit differently. We see the Divine Consciousness of the Universe as an all encompassing force seen and unseen throughout the natural world. I alone am not the Goddess, you are not the God, but you and I and all things seen and unseen make up the Divine Spirit of the Universe.
    What you might do first is write down what you believe and consider how that directs your choices and your path.


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