What if you had to leave your body and travel to the astral plane in order to get to heaven? What if there was a technique where you could leave your body at will and travel in your astral body? Would you want to go? What if you could travel to different worlds and dimensions in this state? What if when you died all you had was your astral body and you had to travel on your own to what we call “heaven”?


  • i think heaven would be a pretty roomy place because a lot of people can’t let go. There are techniques for that, though I have yet to try it but I have friends that have done it. Yes, I want to go and when I find a technique that resonates with me I intend to practice it. If that’s all we had to get to heaven I think I’d take the scenic route.

  • Well, I believe in astral projection during life, including to the other side. But I think that when we die, there is someone/something to “guide” us to heaven, so its not like you can accidently get lost or anything.

    I would LOVE to be able to astrally travel places, and if I could figure out how to do it, I TOTALLY would.

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