Home Discussion Forum What if witchcraft worked the way it does in movies?

What if witchcraft worked the way it does in movies?

As many of us know real witchcraft doesn’t work like it does in Charmed, Sabrina, or any other shows like these. However, what if it did?


  1. The world be totally evil if it was like in those movies. Considering how selfish people are, they’d be putting spells over each other to get what they wanted…. talk about caos.

  2. if it really worked..there would be a lot fewer witches, because they would have to work and study, and prepare for spells , and be aware of the consequences of the spell…but since it doesn’t really work wicca is filled with disaffected malcontents who can’t fit in and who can afford a book by Gardner

  3. Oh yes, special effects!!!
    I wouldn’t just scare the shyte out of demons and demonologists or people who like to think that they are dark, I would rule Nevada!!!

  4. it would be totally cool. but it can’t. no matter how we wish it. but we just have to follow the rules, and chant and cast. hopefully in the end all will be right.


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