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What if the Akashic Records were a real place?

I’m sure some of you must have heard about the spiritual realm of the Akashic Records — The Library of God that holds every single thought, event and piece of information of every being in the entire Universe of existence.
I have a question and maybe this is getting a little sci-fi for some of you, but I’m hoping you could answer it somewhat seriously…
If this were a real place on Earth that someone discovered, what could they do with it? Technically, they could edit the records to change their past and future events, couldn’t they? What else?


  1. What makes you think it’s not “real”, what is “real” after all? Does it have to be physically in front of you to be “real”?
    Ah, but you wouldn’t be ABLE to amend your records, there would be some method of preventing you from doing so…… (wouldn’t there?!!)

  2. Somehow, I doubt that alterations would be possible. I believe that it does exist and we all have access to it, at least on a subconscious level. I think we have complete access when we are non-physical.

  3. So you can consider the source, i.e. me, I’ll briefly state my background. It’s unfortunate more posters don’t do this and limit their responses to short jibs as “where” someone is coming from makes such a huge difference in the meaning behind there opinions.
    I believe in a higher power, a higher intelligence, i.e. a supreme being. We can call this concept “God” for ease of conversation. I was introduced to this concept as a child through religion, specifically Christianity. I became an atheist, i.e. someone who does not believe in the existence of a supreme being, shortly after college when every where I encountered believers, there seemed to be something askew with how those people lived in their belief system. I discovered (notice I did not say “rediscover”) the idea of a god, or higher being, a little over a year ago through, for all practical purposes, time spent living life like a monk. Isolation, external stress, deep consideration of the problems in my life and in the world, etc.
    I came to Y!A because I have realized that in communicating my thoughts, I am better able to understand them, as I am doing right now. Occasionally, I’ll come across other thoughts that further my understanding. These thoughts are not always in agreement with what I presently understand. For example, some of the answers provided by purported atheists cause me to consider my own thinking. I think this is a good thing. True understanding comes through questioning and questioning tends to come from ideas that do match with what we currently know. Affirmation is not always a good thing.
    I have to admit that I am very surprised that this is the first time I have ever seen anyone raise the issue of the Akashic record. Most of the posts here center around Christianity vs. Atheism, which is not entirely appropriate since a more correct argument would center around religion vs. atheism. Christianity is merely a subset of the set of religious beliefs and religion is merely a subset of the set ideas concerning spirituality, as is atheism. There is some frequency in questions regarding Islam, and a few questions regarding other major religions like Buddhism or Hindu. There’s almost no talk about other spiritual ideas. This is surprising to me since the idea that there could be a source of data for all that has happened, is happening and will happen would seem to be one of great importance.
    I do believe in the idea of the Akashic record. This does, to me, not seem like a difficult concept to understand as we are looking at a very clear example of one right now, i.e. the internet.
    The internet in its present state is a better record of everything that has happened and that is happening then any other record we currently have or have encountered. I tried to find the source but wasn’t able to come across it again, but I have read about an investment firm that analyzes the content of the internet to try and predict future trends. Thus, considering what will happen can only be derived from what has happened and what is happening, this firm analyzes this information to attempt to determine broad overriding trends that will occur tomorrow, i.e. they are trying to predict the future. Thus from a practical sense, the internet contains what will happen as well.
    Of course a true Akashic record is much more intricate and complicated then the internet, but understanding the internet as an example helps to see how such a thing could truly exist. Consider the universe is not truly empty. It is filled with all sorts of radiation. Consider that everything in existence gives of some sort of radiation. Add to that the present set of information systems which put hard data into that system such as satellites. Though the technology to decipher all such data is very far ahead of our present state, it does not seem such a silly thing to think we could one day read it.
    And this is all considering that we are only thinking about a “real” world existence of such a record. To me, a more likely existence for the Akashic record would be one as shown in the movie “The Matrix”. The Matrix, as shown in the movie, is a complex set of data where everything is known in terms of computed data. It is even shown, in the movie, how everything that will be is known. Again, with enough computational power, it would be possible to analyze all the available data and determine what is most likely to happen based on the past and the present. The more data and the more computing power, the better the results. In the Matrix, all data is available to the system. It seems reasonable in such a case that predicted results would be very accurate.
    I do not belief an Akashic record would actually exist in the reality of our world or on Earth. A truly omniscient record would need to exist outside of this system, like in the Matrix where to manipulate it, one needs to be aware of its overview. I liken to the code behind a computer game, spec


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