• Sigmund Freud started with the supposition that your conscience decisions really came from your subconscience.

    But he found that when some of his patients exhibited irrational behaviours, his patients would make “rationalizations” that seemed perfectly reasonable to them for their actions.

    These rationalizations, according to Freud, were masking the real reason for irrational behaviours and the actual real reasons were located in the patient’s subconscience.

    He started with hypnosis with patients who could be hypnotized. The technique had just been invented by someone I can’t remember.

    But in fact, at least according to Freud, the ego, id and super-ego were really one in the same but he called them “states” so he could describe the dynamics how the human psyche worked.

    So you would do exactly as you do now, without the your super-ego to keep you from going to extremes.

  • I wish that could happen to us all ….We may become like Jesus…. And look what happened to “The Christ ” Still want to find out?

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