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What if it's all just a dream and even your physical body is a dream?

just like it is in a dream? That we really exist in this higher dimension as consciousness and this is all just a big illusion that we will wake up from when we die and none of it really exists except for inside of our heads, we’ve all lived a thousand lives already and everyone in the world is merely a reflection of yourself that you created in your higher mind which exists outside of the mind/body in another dimension? Wouldn’t that be really strange?


  1. Wow, you are totally blowing my mind and that would be so weird. Almost like waking up only to find that everyone around you can pull their faces off but you. Freaky man!

  2. That makes my poor head hurt…lol
    Just kidding!
    The Aborigines believe that this is the dream life, and that we head to the real one after we die, but there are so many different beliefs held by different cultures, so your question isn’t that strange at all really.
    Another possibility is the famous quote.
    “I think therefore I am!”
    Take yer pick


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