What if Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers toured together?

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They are both my favorite bands. I think it’d be awesome if they toured together.

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totally…if they toured I’d go for sure.

Jamie (LNR)

That would be awesome. I’d definitely be there.
But it doesn’t seem very likely, to me.
They’re both some of my favorites, too, but I’ve never seen them live. I’d love to go to either of their concerts.


I loovvee Incubus and I think it would be way awesome if they toured together.

The little McCain who Cried Wolf

Totally sick… I saw Chili Peppers a couple of years ago, and they were so amazing… they did different solo’s and stuff….
And Incubus…. I’ve always been wanting to see them. That tour would just be rediculous.

I luv Nikki

Yea my bf is hoping maybe that Aerosmith GnR would tour together because GnR are going to be touring 09 and Aerosmith new studio album comes out 09, but I was hoping that slipknot and metallica too tour but that didn’t happen
Edit: whats with the thumbs down I haven’t said anything wrong

☆☠An€mIk VaMpIrE ☆â˜

o.O I think i’d die of sheer happiness I love them (especially Incubus) awesome


Would be interesting…I prefer the Peppers though.


I wouldn’t want to miss that lineup!


I think I may just be in love.
Seriously, they should consider doing that. I love RHCP And Incubus!


that would be legendary. as long as they brought it to australia 🙂


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