Like the things that support every religion. We could die and be completely unconscious to everything that exists for a while, then go to Heaven to see God and the dead family you have, visit the Devil in Hell to see how things are going and then reincarnate. Sounds cool to me.


  • I kind of agree with Janet, except I don’t believe in the state of unconsciousness. I believe we come here to learn and grow, then return to ‘heaven’ to decided if we need/want to come back here to experience more. I truly believe that work continues on the other side, but at a higher level than here.
    I hope you find your bliss!

  • Unconsciousness is a fact. That’s why we have to reincarnate several times, until we open our consciousness and be able to free ourselves from ego, because that’s the only way we can Love and Forgive. Love and Forgiveness are our ultimately lesson to learn in this world, once you achieve that point of consciousness, you don’t have to be born again, unless you have to come to help others, but there is no lesson for you.

    Work continue in the spiritual world, though.


  • I’m most interested in discovering the truth, not creating my own reality since I am subject to the truth whether I discover it or not.


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