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What if God did not create the universe,did he necessarily have to create the universe in order to create us?

Let’s just say there are an infinite amount of universes, and within this mega-verse there are an infinite amount of possibilities and in some universes there was no God the Creator. What if in one of these universes, let’s just say 85 million universes ago an entity evolved consciousness, this entity would have had to be organic and able to self replicate and there were 100’s of livable planets in it’s galaxy and it was able to live long enough to master time travel and shape shifting. And because of this entities evolution it was able to live forever, traveling in and out of all universes, planting it’s seed all over the mega-verse while providing spiritual help in which we have falsely called a creator. And maybe some of them believed they we’re created, but they have not found the maker in their journeys, but some have and the teleportation device is the brain.
Carl, but that’s your assumption.
It’s better then saying God did it.
I said time travel, but said nothing of going back in time.
At the beginning what was God? I think you’ll go with not thinking.


  1. Well, no. But there are an infinite number of unfalsifiable hypotheses you can create for the origin of the universe and life. They only become validated when they are supported by evidence and theory.

  2. Your premise is just vain (empty) thinking of man and does not alter the reality of what God has actually done.
    God is working His purpose out and that involved a physical universe.
    I repeat what the Bible states, so it is not just my assumption, unlike your vain premise.
    The Bible starts with fact, “At the beginning … ” and carries on from there.
    You say, “What if … ” and carry on from there.
    I’ll go with the factual account not supposition.
    Guess I upset you if that is the best you can do. – Sorry for that.

  3. There are some fallacies in your supposition. Time travel is not possible because of the Grandfather Paradox: if x travel back in time, to kill his grandfather, that would render that he could never have been born, and would not exist. Similarly for your so-called god, if he travels back in time, to a past, then there would be 2 copies (or more) of him, since he existed in other time frames. *Time is a one way arrow, and not reversible. It is like entropy – and entropy can only increase – leading to the heat death of the universe. And to reverse time, imagine that the object has to travel faster to reach its original stationary location.
    Theoretically, it might be possible that time travel could be possible in a multi-verse, in which x wormtunnels to another universe into the past, assuming the many worlds interpretation (MWI) is a possibility. MWI is a scenario in which many copies of me exist in many universes, on all possible outcomes, just like in quantum mechanics, the photons manifest itself as particle in this universe, and wave in the other universe. However, these are theories and postulations in trying to explain some bizarre behaviour that defies Science.

  4. God could have done anything that was logical.
    In His Wisdom, God chose to do it this way.
    I have to admit, I think God did a great job.
    By the way, there is no reason why God could not have created 85 million universes in addition to this one.
    With love in Christ.


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