HomeDiscussion ForumWhat, if any, is the significance of Consciousness on a Universal scale?

What, if any, is the significance of Consciousness on a Universal scale?

e.g.: Can Consciousness ultimately alter the physical fate of The Universe? … Or has it already, through its mere evolving presence?

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  1. Mmmm, lovely set of derrieres in a row there. Yummmmm.
    Ok, deep question. Consciousness has already established its presence in the universe. Alter? Ha ha. It may be that the whole POINT of the universe is that it is becoming self aware and has started this amazing mechanism rolling to do just that. I don’t mean by evolving critters like us, who think we are SO the paragon of creation. The universe’s perspective of itself comes from all eyes, even those of a ladybug or banana slug. Or a giant sequoia. Different forms of existence, but existence! Something instead of nothing.
    The “physical” fate – well, the latest theory is the Big Rip, where the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, in about 300 billion years (how they guesstimated that I have NO idea), in about 300 billion years the stuff that holds atomic nuclei together will do so no longer. All will go poof. By that time maybe consciousness will have tired of its own existence. Not that it matters.

  2. On a universal scale individual things have no significance. If we could somehow tear down the walls of our collective mental cubicle farm it might. You should feel free to change your perspective and see the trees for the forest though every now and then.
    Big fish little pond; big pond little fish?

  3. Modern Physics experiments, especially with the nature of light, have found that light actually changes its behavior when it is “observed”. Quantum Physics is confirming that consciousness does in fact affect the atomic level of the universe. We not only create our own reality, we are also creating a new group reality.

  4. We are all one consciousness, or rather the universe is. The only thing is that not everything is equally aware of being a part of the big mind of EVERYTHING. Consciousness in itself cannot affect reality because consciousness is a product of reality and can therefore only be affected by the physical but cannot affect the physical. Consciousness is “endlessly suffering”, or to say it differently, is always passive

  5. Consciousness already acts on the universe. Thing ‘A’ will not act on Thing ‘B’ if Thing ‘A’ has no consciousness of the existence of Thing ‘B’. If there was no consciousness then everything in the universe would be aware of nothing, not even of itself. Even if everything existed, it would be as if nothing did.


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