Home Discussion Forum What if Aleister Crowley had converted to Christ before death?

What if Aleister Crowley had converted to Christ before death?

Wouldn’t that have been just wacky? How about Anton LaVey?
Lol I can hear their confession stories being about 153 hrs long. I doubt such intelligent men would have in real life but would’ve been funny.
William L: well I’m gonna be joining them if they are. Two of the most
intelligent men in their fields I dare say.
Squish-H: Indeed. Oh and I see you bare one of the aformentioned heroes
as your avatar.


  1. That would be such a sell-out. It never happened because they knew better. They did what they did not to spurn anyone else’s beliefs but because they had beliefs of their own.

  2. Well then, if Crowley had, our 60’s counter culture would have been very different.
    LaVey; I’ve actually heard stories about his conversion. All of them have the same validity of Lady Hope.

  3. It’s been said that anton lavey said on his death bed”God forgive me”….fact is, if they didn’t accept Jesus Christ and repent, they are swimming in a lake of fire right now

  4. I could see LaVey doing it if either of them did. To believe in Satan, i should think one also believes in opposite. Therefore giving life and meaning to both christ and satan. But Crowley! NEVER. lol He was the Beast. lol


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