What ideas from the Enlightenment are most interesting? Do you agree with any of the ideas?

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What ideas from the Enlightenment are most interesting? Do you agree with any of the ideas? Do you disagree with any of the ideas? Are there any ideas that you would consider “enlightened” today?

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Ω Brian Ω

Do your own homework sweetie.
edit: you guys….she’s referring to the period of time in history…not spiritual enlightenment…*facepalm*

udaya k

Enlightenment is not an idea, Enlightenment is enlightenment. Nothing less than enlightenment is most interesting than enlightenment.


Next time choose the category you post this in more carefully.. This is Philosophy, not History.


If you are referring to the Enlightenment period of the 18th and 19th centuries then I think that free market economics was the most interesting. Letting consenting adults do business and not telling them how or what to do there. It’s pretty revolutionary. The whole coercive element behind contemporary economic theories is not like letting consenting adults do business. It’s more like telling them they can’t use vowels and can’t where shoes and must tell big brother exactly what went down or else.
I think it’s funny how people thought you were referring to some spiritual mumbo jumbo.

I'm so gangsta...yo sucker

None, they’re all boring. Though I do agree with few of ‘enlightened’ ideas.


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