Home Discussion Forum What ideas do you have on Witchcraft and Magick?

What ideas do you have on Witchcraft and Magick?


  1. I don’t have a problem with it. actually studied it for a short time. I know some people who think it’s “UnGodly” or whatever. I don’t see what their problem is.

  2. , With most magic its an illusion no problem there . But witchcraft is a cult with danger and the bible warns against it starting in the old testament with Saul

  3. I’d be careful if you consider yourself a ‘God fearing person’. “I suffer that a witch shall not live” read your bible God frowns upon it . If you want to see some supernatural stuff without wage of your soul, try praying for peace of mind to focus away from such ‘dark practices’. run from those ideas black magic white magik listen let that crap go.

  4. It has nothing what-so-ever to do with Satan or the Devil (both Christian creations). It is a way of focusing energy and thought to heal, or harm others, to improve life or not. It can be used for good or evil depending on the intentions of the user, but there is the chance that if you do use it for evil, it will come back and you will receive what you send out. You need to know both sides so you don’t make the mistake of using it for harmful purposed. It is like healing, you have to believe it will work or it won’t!

  5. Being a Wiccan born of blood of a witches blood line what exactly do you mean by this question. This can be answered so many diffrent ways. The idea of magick / the craft is what you put in to it, where your heart and head are when doing it, what the purpose of it is for, what type of ritual you are intending to perform, and the belief you have for it.
    See witchcraft the craft part of the religious belief is the ritualized work one puts in to what they desire. However the faith / religion part of it is cerimonal and true to belief and faith. Spells…..are prayers given to the divine through your spirit and your the tools are used to enforce the action and energies. See when we do a spell it is like stating our desire to the divine and allowing the divine to provide the end results through our work, our belief, and trust in the devine. spells are simple and some very complex. They all require deep thought, and meditation. One must know exactly what he/she desires, and focus before submitting, beacuse we also have to be able to accept all the consequences good or bad.
    One must beable to grow through the faith and the craft. This is not the simple fix it all type faith. Magick is not a game or even a toy it is real and happens to everyone weather they know or not.
    This is all I care to share on this question when you can be more specific and really want to learn more you can contact me.
    Lady Cedar

  6. As with prayer it’s a mental tool to help one achiece their aims. The ethics & morals are important guidelines.
    The strongest tool is belief.


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