What ideas do you guys have to help the Earth? Now! Don't hold back!?





by Valielza:

I need your help! The Earth needs to be healed, and fast. I am very angry with the ways we have abused this Earth. Air pollution, water pollution, plants being cut down, about a million pounds of space junk around the atmosphere, it’s just… UGH! The Earth will fight back. She’s just not going to sit there and let us suck all the energy and life out of her. The first idea I have is solar cars, so we can preserve the oil in the Earth. Please don’t hold back any ideas, the more posts we get, we could actually make a difference! God bless all the people who help, with happiness and healthiness in your place of the Earth!

Answer by Hannah J
I agree completely! I mean, come on! Can we get any worse? (probably.)
I believe that we shouldn’t use TOO much of anything-that was what got us here where we are now: too much cutting down trees, too much drilling for oil: I think we should use a good balance of water-powered wind-powered and solar-powered things and have public recycling & compost bins next to the public trash bins. I ALSO think that us, as humans, should plant more trees, cuz we plant way too little trees these days, and we should have more protests and stuff.
Also, I think that cars get lots of junk in them, so we could have three chutes in the car: one that has the recycling sign on it, one that has an aluminum can on it, and one that has a little food sign on it. Then you put it through the tiny dog-door slit things and then you aim and it turns the trash into dirt (according to the material) and since the car door has a little gun that’s attached to the slots, you aim it at a tree or the ground or something and shoot your dirt/trash out the window!
Okay, that is pretty crazy, but what the heck.


  1. You are a fine product of your liberal education.
    You see the result of this climate change? Really? I don’t believe you. Reason I don’t believe you is that no one has seen the result of this climate change because there has been no result to this climate change. Polar ice is actually expanding, temperatures have been cooling, polar bear populations have been expanding, manatees have been dying from the cold and the data has been shown to have been cooked. So, please. Where have you seen this global warming?
    I’m a conservative and the only reason I am in ‘denial’ is because the priests of global warming have been shown to be full of crap at every turn.
    Global warming is dead, kiddo. Find a new religion.
    Now, if you want to do something clean up the Earth and make the air and water cleaner, I’m with you there. But I refuse to follow myth to justify common sense actions or the unnecessary destruction of our nations commercial prosperity.

  2. I salute you, Val. But Earth is just giving us enough rope and letting us hang ourselves.

  3. Hello Valielza,
    I’m new here and I am usually fine with just reading posts but your question/request for ideas, is one that I not only ask often but is one that I take very seriously and is one which keeps me constantly in search for awakened people that care enough to do something about it, so I’ll give you my two cents for whatever it may be worth. I think the best idea and remedy for the pollution problems is to think and do things completely outside the box. If you think about it, the common denominator that feeds the insane mechanism that enables the trashing our Earth is the notion that we are somehow detached from Earth and from one another. The answer is to keep doing what you are doing with this post. Meet up with those in your community that are aware, plan things to do according to the things that need to be addressed immediately and then just do it. Awaken others by doing. Some will, many wont, but we are truly connected whether we believe it or not. Its one planet with only one people at the end of the day.
    Here is a link to a group of people that you may find interesting. A fine group committed to such endeavors: http://www.thevenusproject.com
    Much success to you, Namaste

  4. I know you will find this really hard to believe, but I’m going to tell you anyway. At least in our little part of the world the environment is nothing like it used to be. Many of our rivers and lakes were dead. Very little life left in them at all. our air was much worse than it is now. Over the past 35 years or so we have been changing the way we do things. The lakes are much cleaner, the rivers have life in them, fish are coming back, wildlife has been replenished where some were completely eradicated. Sure we cut down trees. And then we replant them. Why would a company cut down trees for some type of production and not replant? That would cut off their source of income. You have to realize a lot of the information you are getting is incorrect. A difference has been made since long before you were born. I on the other hand have seen this. I watched a river burn in Cleveland, Ohio in 1968. It wasn’t the first time. I watched industry use our rivers and lakes as dumping grounds for their waste. Most of that has been brought to a hault. It isn’t perfect. We are still working on it.

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