What his quantum synchronicity when it comes to human consciousness?

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??? shamanism? science? hmmm

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quantum has nothing to do with consciousness, it is a term for science though.


euhhmm…. I’ve heard something about this ages back… I think the concept is trying to relate to quantum spin. Now if you’re not familiar with quantum spin I suggest to google it.
based on that the assumption is that thought processes influence one another across a collective consciousness. So what one person thinks affects, rather unwittingly, others. So therefore no thought is ever seperate from other thoughts, analogous to the quantum spin principle. In relation to quantum spin I think Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance” and he wasn’t all too pleased about this concept at al! …. but that’s something else entirely.
So yeah, in a nutshell I think that’s what is meant by quantum synchronicity in regards to human consciousness. but don’t take my word for it as I am guessing now (can’t remember for the life of me).


Synchronicity is the grouping of events which are related
by meaning rather than by cause, It is not a fact. Its a theory that
creates a waste bin of apparently related events that do not
conform to the idea of cause and effect. It doesn’t take into account
the idea that while a cause will produce a certain effect, sometimes
the cause is not known or understood. Since men of science don’t like
the words “I don’t know”, one of them invented this term to give
an aura of respectability to not knowing. A common trait among all
humans, especially those in the scientific community. This term
was coined by Carl Jung while he was working his way into the
history books as a psychologist.
Since “I don’t know” can be equally unsettling to quantum physicists,
synchronicity can be woven into the tapestry of the language of
physics to explain the phenomenon of sub-atomic particles which
do not behave in the predicted fashion of cause and effect thinking.


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