What Hey i am trying to find something like tarot cards but it tell about your health?

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Hey i am trying to find something like tarot cards but it tell about your health?
i know its not tarot its like tarot but it tell about your health, one of my friends told me about these cards she had along time ago and i am trying to find out what they are could if you know that would be great.

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turn away from tarot and turn to Christ. the Bible teaches that fortunetelling is evil.


try watching what your body is saying,and what our bodies want….that alone can change our ways!!!!

Rev. Lynn D.

I am not familiar with the cards you are asking about but you can ask health questions using the Tarot cards. I answer these types of questions for my clients on a regular basis.


they may have been some type of divination or oracle cards maybe?


Hi , you dont need Cards or some thing like that , in Reiki Level 3 you learn to Scan yourself and others , Scan Chakras , Aura , Posetive and Negative energies of every thing , so , you had your own cards in your hands long life , but why you dont want use it ? better to use Divine abilities …


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