What herbs are good for cleansing auras, etc?

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I understand that tincture of ether works for cleansing auras.

big puffy shoes

There is no such thing as auras and cleansing is bad for your body.

praying for hope

not sure about the consuming any but burning sage cleanses negative energy from a room


I like to use a smudge made of Eastern White Cedar, Sweetgrass, Mugwort, Copal, and White Sage (either Salvia apiana or Artemisia ludoviciana, they are different species but are both called white sage)
I also drink a tea made with Sweetgrass, White Sage (Salvia apiana) and White Pine needles

Lisa J

No herb in particular.
Your aura is the reflection of the state of your physical body, your mental and your emotional states.
Clean your thought patterns, get your emotions to a higher level (eliminate the negative reactions to your emotions) and eat good healthy and organic food. Sleep regularly and at least 7 hours a day.-
This will do it.
Take good care of yourself!
Lisa J


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