Home Discussion Forum What herbal medicines/remedies can aid in healing the esophagus?

What herbal medicines/remedies can aid in healing the esophagus?

my esophagus is “raw” due to acid reflux and vomitting because of the acid reflux so id like to know any herbal remedies to help soothe and heal it.


  1. I don’t know any herbal remedies, but as for non-herbal ask your doctor about nexium – that’s what I use. It’s also safer than waking up choking on acid which used to happen a lot to me.
    [yahoo ppl – dont vote for this answer, it doesn’t answer the question, I’m just giving advice]
    from their website – “Nexium® reduces acid production and helps the healing of the gullet by reducing the pain and inflammation.”

  2. Aloe Vera yogurt is said to be good for the esophagus and the stomach lining but there is no proof that this is true. However, Aloe is known to be safe, it’s cheap, and it’s tasty so there is no reason not to try some even though it isn’t proven yet.

  3. See a Naturopath as you really should not be having such severe acid reflux. You don’t have to live with that it can be cleared up.

  4. Why are you specifically asking for an “herbal remedy”? Do yourself a favor and go use something that is scientifically validated to be safe and effective. You could try Zantac, but if its really bad, go get some Prilosec OTC.

  5. Hi. Slippery Elm Tea is the number one remedy for this. It soothes and heals the oseophagus/stomach/intestines brilliantly. Second choice is Aloe Vera juice which is almost as good – and may be better for some people. With both these remedies, frequency is important. Sip them often during the day. They can both be taken freely.
    A third possibility is Psyllium Husks. These can be bought as powder and stirred into water, when it makes a thick fluid. Again, sip it, or take a spoonful often.
    The main thing, though, is why you have this reflux? One possible cause is ‘Hiatus Hernia syndrome’, where the stomach is starting to protrude through the diaphragm. If this might be so, find a practitioner who can treat this. I was taught the treatment technique by an osteopath years ago. It is a simple but effective one. Other osteopaths or chiropractors may well know it, or a similar one. But I would ask them first before committing to pay them.
    Hope this helps.


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