What has the parapsychology answered so far?





Has parapsychology ever found something about the psychic phenomena?
Has someone ever gained the award from James Randi Educational Foundation?
Thanks a lot.


  1. There’s a simple way to answer this question–if these so-called phenomena have been proved, then they would no longer be seen as paranormal.

  2. Surprisingly the people who have done the most serious research are both the Soviet and United States governments. Neither one is known for sharing information about this. You can check out a book written by researchers who worked for the US government about remote viewing. Real psychic phenomena isn’t at all as thought of by most people. It has nothing to do with costumes and showmanship, is far from 100% relaible or controllable, and is seldom done for money.

  3. Do you know why James Randi hasn’t ever found someone? Because he doesn’t believe. If you don’t want to believe something is real, then you aren’t going to “see” it, no matter how much proof is put in front of you. Open your mind and your heart and a whole other world will open up to you. That’s all it takes. Randi’s mind and heart… are shut tight. He doesn’t *want* to see, so he never will. Why don’t real psychics try to prove it to him? Because he’s a waste of our time and effort, and I don’t really care that him and people like him don’t believe. I know it’s for real. That’s all I need.

  4. Zero
    Big ol’ Goose Egg
    That’s the results of parapsychological research so far.
    JREF has not given out the prize and Randi has stated he would gladly pay it out if anyone can state in advance what they intend to accomplish, have it tested by mutually agreed on criteria where fraud and self deception are impossible and succeed!
    He has said it would be worth a million dollars. It would be a new area of science.
    The legalese is to thwart the overly litigious psychics out there. Randi already lost most of a MacArthur Award to defending himself against frivolous lawsuits by psychic fraud Uri Gellar.

  5. parapsychology studies and experiments regarding psychic
    phenomena have established that ESP,and other forms of
    Psychic Phenomena are authentic,and can also be learned
    ,here’s and excellent one
    Remote viewing (RV) is a skill by which a person (a “viewer”) can perceive objects, persons, or events at a location removed from him or her by either space or time. In other words, one does not actually have to be there, nor does one need any so-called “physical” connections, such as television, telephone, etc., to gain information about the target. Remote viewing exploits and improves upon what is more commonly called “psychic” ability (an overused word that has accrued unfortunate connotations), and works whether the target is in the next room or on the other side of the planet. Neither time nor any known type of shielding can prevent a properly-trained remote viewer from gaining access to the desired target.
    The RetroPsychoKinesis Project
    Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
    CSL has been the home of the US Government-sponsored research into Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) since 1985.
    journals and abstracts
    the major research approaches,(as in any multidisciplinary domain)The five main methods used in parapsychology are:
    Scholarly & Analytical research,Case studies, and Theoretical & Experimental research,(http://www.parapsych.org/faq_file2.html#11)

    (1)Psi Research Facilities
    -Rhine Research Center (Institute for Parapsychology)
    -Perrott-Warrick Research Unit
    -Perrott-Warrick Research Unit, University of Hertfordshire
    -Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute
    -Laboratories for Fundamental Research
    -Koestler Parapsychology Unit (University of Edinburgh)
    -National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS)
    -Institute of Noetic Sciences
    -Institut fuer Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und
    -Institut Metapsychique International
    -Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
    -C.I.R.P. – Centro Interdisciplinare Ricerca Parapsicologica
    about the J.R.E.F.,no one will ,and no one will ever will,going to win the so called ‘prize’,plus you don’t have to have E.S.P.,for that,just read the participation rules of this so called award,and you would end up laughing,that in fact they should call those rules
    “The Judgment of Heresy by the Skeptic’s High Priest”
    they want to present those rules as the ultimate legitimate conceived rules where thousands of lawyers where involved
    making them,but that is just a simple ‘affidavit’,that’s all it is…
    check this out;
    How to Become a Media Skeptic(2)
    *There are some researchers, such as J.B.Rhine, whose work is not so easy to dismiss. Neither Rhine’s personal integrity nor the reliability of his statistical methods have ever been seriously challenged, So what should you do? Simple. Explain that he “might have been hoodwinked” by all those clever magicians who were disguised as his laboratory subjects. There’s no evidence that he was, but it sounds good to suggest that he might have been, and of course nobody can disprove this. Read the classic of skeptical revisionist non-explanation, C.E.M.Hansel’s error-riddled book ESP and Parapsychology: A critical reevaluation (New York: Prometheus, 1980) to see just how bizarre criticisms can be – Hansel even has one of Rhine’s card-guessers clambering up to the attic and peering through a non-existent trap door at the card! You can learn a lot from Hansel, a master of the mud-slinging school. Never mind if there is no evidence at all that such-and-such an individual misbehaved in any way. If you need some damning evidence and there isn’t any, just make some up.
    *If somebody mentions all those distinguished scientists and academics from Crookes, Lodge, Richet, the Curies, Bergson, Jung, McDougall, William James and Lord Rayleigh to contemporaries like Brian Josephson, Bernard Carr and Donald West, point out as patronisingly as you can that an expert in one field is not necessarily an expert in another field, such as psi research.
    ;Skeptics, on the other hand are by implication experts on everything
    “Science and skepticism is about discovery and knowledge, not suppression of research. The popularity of these debunker clowns/entertainers is eventually going to die”
    *the thumbs down are just a reflection of the magnitude, significance and quality of my answer,and frankly it is appreciated!*thanks !

  6. What has it answered? Nothing, I’m afraid.
    Sure, paranormalists have plenty of answers to share, but are those answers back up with credible and reliable scientific evidence? That’s the key question, and the unavoidable answer to this question is a resounding no. The best that a paranormalist can truthfully say is that parapsychology has provided some inconclusive results here and there and not much more. That’s not very impressive.
    I’ve linked to a source below. It is very thoroughly documented and I think you’ll find it to be interesting reading.

  7. There are supposedly a few who might be able to claim this prize. Remote Viewer Joe McMoneagle allegedly has a 50% accuracy rating. But, a true psychic need not bother to claim such a petty prize amount when they can have a much higher financial success playing the stock markets etc.

  8. Parapsychology has found out numerous things about different psychic phenomena. I have included a link below to the Parapsychological Association since it would be impossible for me to educate you about 100 years plus of research in a couple of paragraphs.
    No one has ever convinced Randi to give up his belief that psychic phenomena doesn’t exist and most real scientist (those with actual education and experience in science) don’t bother trying to change a person’s belief. They conduct scientific investigations and present the findings in peer reviewed science journals.
    Michael John Weaver, M.S.

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