what has the occult and spirituality taught us about our world?

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I realize that through spirituality we are trying to come closer to who we really are, but what has both spirituality and the occult taught us about the energies that we call from?
I’ve read so many articles that I feel are well written, but pointless. They forget the goal of what they’re writing about. I know who I am, but I want to know more about what I don’t know.

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Spirit of the World
Definition: The impelling force that influences human society made up of those who are not servants of Jehovah God, causing such people to say and do things according to a characteristic pattern. Although people act on individual preferences, those who manifest the spirit of the world give evidence of certain basic attitudes, ways of doing things, and aims in life that are common to the present system of things of which Satan is ruler and god.


At the very least, it’s taught us that humans have a fascination with symbols and ritualistic expression.


hmm very interesting question… ill have to think about this more but in the majority of Occult and spiritual text they are focusing usually outside of the normal physical world. They generally focus on other “planes” of existence such as the astral.
I don’t think anyone has tried to solve the question of who we are, the purpose of being here and what else there is to know.
Ill try to take a shot at it from a spiritual/occult perspective.
We are here because we are… simply that, we all have our goals and motives/agendas in life and all work towards them. Few stop in there busy life to realize whats out there and continue on there path. They don’t look deeper into life then what is all ready known.
Some however do look deeper into things and this in terms of spirituality and occult perspective seem to always move back to a central idea of everyone is connected, about perspective and conciseness. We are all one and a member of a larger family of all beings.
Thats just my opinion however,. Not sure if what I typed makes sense to anyone just thinking out-loud here.
Perhaps instead of waiting on someone else to figure it out you should work on figuring it out yourself?

Neo-Queen Madeline Of the Sun

Hmm. You seem to be very wise when it comes to self understanding. The occult and spirituality, however, are not supposed to teach you who you are.
Religion teaches us the difference between good and evil.
But the thing about that is that no one can agree on the definitions of good and evil. That’s why there are so many different religions.
Some will claim that religions are about so many different things, and it’s true. They are. But when it really comes down to it, religion teaches us what it means to be good.
Spirituality is the rest of what makes up religion. Green tea, meditation, prayer, belief in a deity, rituals.
The Occult is a term used to describe everything in religion that is not spirituality. So whereas the former two are everything that is undebatebly good, the occult is usually interpreted as being bad. It doesn’t really have to be, though. It’s also interpreted as being any sort of magic not from the deity. That is considered, in some traditions, to be evil. In others, the occult is actually a form of spirituality, because some believe anything you can used to do good should be used to do good. This area has the grayest definition, which is interesting because it is also considered to have roots in shadow.
I’m sorry if I have not answered your question. It just seemed as though you, although very bright, do not know exactly what you are looking for. I provided explanations about each. There are many interpretations as to what the world is, and perhaps you are searching for the wrong aspect of it. Or perhaps i’m just completely wrong. Either way, I hope I helped in some form.


Here is the best occult resource on the web hands down.
Very concise and thoroughly researched, everything important to know regarding true spirituality is here.


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