Home Discussion Forum What has been your experience of breathing exercises?

What has been your experience of breathing exercises?

Such as Pranayam involving inhaling through one nostril and exhaling-inhaling through other …
What effects you have noticed on your physical, mental and emotional health?

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  1. In all honesty, I had to study different breathing exercises while doing my N.D. work and I hated it. I don’t know, maybe it could work for some people but I found the whole idea utterly useless. (Just don’t tell my professor.)

  2. I find that using the meditation breathing method not only helps with my singing, but eases my mind all day as well. It’s a real easy one, so I practically do it twice a day. I even do it while I am driving home.

  3. Breathing exercises and breathing meditations have been important ways in helping me cope with stress. When I wasn’t doing some sort of breathing exercise, I noticed how sensitive I was to any kind of stress.
    Awareness of breath is essential for developing control of the mind and body. When the mind has feelings of anxiety, negativity, loneliness, and unworthiness breathing is shallow and fast, and the body responds with an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and fear hormones. But when the breath is deep and slow, the body relaxes and the mind quiets the noisy churning and comes to rest.
    I had chemotherapy and radiation in 2001 for non-Hodgkins’ lymphoma and realized how crucial it was for the mind to be calm and proactive in my responses to the effects of the treatments on my body.
    I became paraplegic because my body was vulnerable from the radiation treatment. The necrosis to the thoracic area of my spinal cord was triggered by stress from living in Washington DC, and from living less than 10 minutes from the Pentagon. Imagine how hard it was to breathe when you felt the impact of a plane hit the Pentagon building.
    I can’t stress enough what doing breathing exercises and meditation have done to help me recover from the treatment, cope with physical therapy for a spinal cord injury and move across the country within a 6 month period by myself.
    It’s only when you have experiences like that do you realize how important it is to BREATHE.


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