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What has been the most effective occult book or online resource for a strong foundation in high Magik?

I’m looking for a strong Magikal foundation thats not steeped in deity worship or new agey concepts.


  1. What you are looking for doesn’t exist. “Magik” is new-agey, so requesting something not new-agey is futile. Also, the spelling “magik” to make it look special or to differentiate from “stage magic” is just silly. Magic is magic, spell it right.
    I would suggest, if you are not interested in Witchcraft, Druidism, Shamanism, or other such nature-like magic but are searching more for the precise, ritualistic kind, try books by Alestery Crowley.
    I am sure the spiritual/religious/occult section of your local bookstore might have more options.

  2. I’m with above….serious and “magik” just don’t go together.
    Also, I can’t really say what’s the most “effective,” since different people find different approaches to be more or less effective. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have such a large collection to sort through! Personally, I think Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy are are a phenomenal foundation for studies in ceremonial magic. Donald Tyson published a version (through Llewellyn of all places) with extensive footnotes that are actually a really helpful and interesting addition.
    There’s nothing New Agey about Agrippa, although he was a Christian. Like all occult tracts from his time period, his work is heavily steeped in Judeo-Christian mythology. However, it’s not a “pray to god while standing on your head to get what you want.” It is names of angels, names of God, etc.

  3. Magick, in Theory and Practice, by Aleister Crowley, or Trancendental Magic, by Eliphas Levi.
    @Epona, Crowley first spelled the word “Magick” precisely to differentiate between what he was writing about, and stage magic / conjuring etc.

  4. Magic is something you should grow into not jump into. It takes years of study to learn the dos and don’t s of magic.
    Unless you are thinking magic like David Copperfield does?


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